What are GRABBZ™?

An alternative to weight lifting gloves, GRABBZ™ are:

  • Cool
  • innovative
  • Breathable
  • Washable

Palm Protectors specially designed to help give you a better grip, reduce blisters/callus formation in the hands, and provide wrist support during workouts. GRABBZ™ are durable, lightweight, and long lasting. 

Whether you choose GRABBZ Fit or GRABBZ Lift, this is the workout equipment your hands will love. These upgraded workout gloves will help you exercise longer, lift more weight, and improve your performance in the gym, box, at boot camp, or anywhere you use your hands to exercise.

  • Crossfitter or Weight Lifter, GRABBZ™ will help kill those calluses so you can beast through your workouts without the annoying palm pain.
  • Ripped calluses? Weak wrists? Those days are over! There's no need to suffer any longer because of palm pain and wrist weakness. Don’t complain. Make gains!
It’s time to...
Get Your GRABBZ™ On!
  • Ladies, if you’re tired of flinching when your man’s razor blade palms holds your hand or rubs your shoulders tell him to… ”Get Your GRABBZ™ On!” Razor blade palmed fellas, if you’re tired of your lady’s hands feeling like yours, tell her to…

Get Your GRABBZ™ On!